Eid DIY Flags


Remember Carey’s Corner’s creative transition from napkins to banner? This time you can use your Shabby Zee napkins to create mini castle flags. These decorations can be made in a similar way and with similar materials as the banner.



DIY Flags



1. Take one napkin and cut rectangle shapes from any of the patterns you choose. This time, however, try to make the flags thinner, about half the width of the banner flags (1/2 inch).

2. Cut a triangle shape out from one of the shorter sides of the rectangle.

3. Next, cut the tip off of one end of your toothpick. Roll the uncut end of your flag so that it can wrap around the toothpick.

4. Lastly, glue the curled flag end to the toothpick. Repeat to make as many flags as you want.


photo 3 copy

These flags can be used as great cupcake toppers or as a part of your centerpiece

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