Throw a Hajj Party

If you have performed hajj this year or a family member or friend has and you want to celebrate the event but cannot find much out in stores to make your job easy; here are a few easy to do decorations that will make your party stand out.


For tablecloth you can either pick a plain white, black or gold from any fabric store.  You can also chose a black and white chevron fabric as we did.  We got inspired by the movie “The Message” where the Kaaba at the time of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to look like the photo below (who knew how avant garde muslims used to be!)



For the centerpiece we made a Kaaba.  Square vases can be found anywhere and are not expensive.  We found a ribbon that inspired the gold trim on the Kaaba.  This ribbon was available at the fabric store but we also found it at Joann’s craft store.  You can also use a gold ribbon.



No party is complete without a banner stating what you are celebrating!  We used our gold diy banner.  The nice thing about diy banners is that you can personalize it.  You can say Hajj Mabroor, Hajj Mubarak, happy Hajj, or welcome hajjis…


Plate and Napkin


The obvious choice for a plate is black square and for the napkin gold.  You can embellish the plate setting with ribbons to mirror a Kaaba



Don’t leave your guests empty handed.  Give them Kaaba favors so they can leave happy and perhaps make more duaa for you 🙂


  1. Black Plates
  2.  Gold Napkins plain or ornate
  3.  Hajj Ribbons, gold ribbon, gold and black pattern ribbon
  4.  Gold Diy Banner
  5.  Black, White or Chevron Tablecloth
  6.  Square Vase
  7. Square boxes either back or transparent for favors



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