From Inspiration to Materialization: Behind the Scene of Our 2018 Luxury Stone Collection (Ramadan Edition)

Part I

Ramadan Kufic Key Inspirations

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of product design?  When you see a product in the market you may not realize how much time and effort goes into creating that product, as it seems so simple, so obvious; for that reason we wanted to walk you through a behind the scene glimpse of how the Luxury Stone Collection got created.

Design always starts with an inspiration.  You may like the new pantone color that is revealed every year, or see a pattern that attracts your attention, or just envision a concept.

Our 2018 “Luxury Stone Collection” started when we first laid our eyes on Jonathan Adler’s amazing new wallpaper in a designer magazine. It was love at first sight!  besides the amazing motifs, the green malachite just popped out when juxtaposed next to the elegant black, white and golds.  Besides, we have been wanting to bring green accents for a while now, so there, was the beginning of the story…

Jonathan Adler Wallpaper

Looking deeper into design trends, we found a common pairing of the malachite and the greek key, so we decided to replicate that combination onto our designs.  We were drawn by the similarities between the greek key and Kufi calligraphy as they both were square with straight angles. That is how the Ramadan Kufic Key was born!

We successfully converted the greek key into kufic key by balancing the positive and negative space in the design and thus the Ramadan Kareem Kufic Key came into being.

Now that the greek key design worked for Ramadan, we wanted to have the malachite relate to Ramadan.  That is how the palm leaf came into play.  Since dates are detrimental on every iftar table, it was only natural to incorporate a palm leaf into the design.  We  like to keep our designs “eclectic chic” by making every piece a work of art and not doing everything “matchy matchy” which is passe concept.

After our design concept was put in place, we moved to the mood board which serves as an inspiration for our products.

(Find our mood boards in our next part II blog)

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