We specialize in elegant designer party decor for holidays, weddings, bridal showers, or dinner with friends & family.

We curate global designs for the busy hostess who loves to entertain. Our elegant porcelain like plates and unique decorations allow you to enjoy more time with your guests and create an inspirational celebration.


It all started out during one of my visits to Rome where my in laws reside. I always loved watching my father in law, an artisan, turn run down antiquities into splendid work of art. His atelier was like an Alibaba Cave full of rare finds that told stories of past glories. My father in law is a renowned artisan who has served nobility, celebrities and the Vatican. During my last visit, I saw accumulated objects collecting dust as they no longer found meaning in our fast paced society. Who had time to polish flatware and collect centerpieces, candlesticks and decorative objects in their modern homes and if so who has the place to store fine porcelain and linens? A great sense of nostalgia overcame me, as I loved table tops and home decor, but like many, was guilty of minimalism and a firm adherent of the practical life. He asked if I wanted to take an antique that he would restore for me; and although my soul wished to have everything there, I knew that they would just end up collecting dust in my cupboards instead. I went back home with a heavy heart wondering how one can still capture and honor time and culture with elevated designs that can be incorporated into our daily busy lives. As I had already been designing disposable seasonal party decor for the past 6 years by extrapolating designs from global cultural influences inspired by my world travels; I went back to my design board but this time with the goal of creating party decor for all celebrations, <i>with global designs for the busy host who loves to entertain but would not compromise on a beautiful tablescape.

Meet MY INSPIRATION, MY father-in-law: Claudio 

Claudio, a talented artisan, continues to bring history to life with his magical hands, moved by skills acquired and polished throughout his 60+ years of career, following the footsteps of his artisan father. His work is continually featured in various architecture and home decor magazine and articles. His success is highlighted in Paola Mosca’s book “Il Ciabattino del Papa e altre storie”.
If you are ever in Rome and strolling around the Borgo, you should stop and say Ciao.